About Us

What We Do

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist MSCC in its fundraising endeavors, from encouraging donations for scholarships to seeking financial support for new and innovative faculty program initiatives that support student learning to funding needs related to the information technology, the ADTEC University Center, the Workforce Technology Center and its high-end technical programs, and allied health programs.

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Giving Societies

Different Groups of Giving

Lifetime Giving Societies
Lifetime Giving Societies recognize outstanding cumulative giving; that is, the sum of a donor’s gifts to the Foundation. These ten Societies recognize different levels of lifetime giving and encourage donors to build their level of support through the years. The Foundation recognizes the central role these donors have played in the founding, growth and success of the College.

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Ways to Give

Ways to make it happen

Mid-South Community College is an excellent investment. MSCC has made giving as easy as it is rewarding by offering you a variety of ways to give. Not only do you receive the satisfaction of giving back to your community, but you can receive favorable tax treatments. Gifts to Mid-South Community College Foundation qualify as charitable contributions to an I.R.S Section 501 (c)(3)

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